Bay Spring Crossing: A resource for small business owners and residents alike.


40 and 60 Bay Spring Avenue         CLICK HERE and HERE for Assessor's Database Info


2.25 acres


Neighborhood Business (NB)

Bay Spring Crossing is a mixed-use community adjacent to the East Bay Bike Path.  It provides a great service to the neighborhood by offering space for small businesses as well as residential condominiums. The property owner is exploring options for developing 40 Bay Spring Avenue, a now vacant lot next door, and is also seeking to convert some ground floor units to residential for people who are unable to use stairs. Currently, the NB zoning district does not allow ground floor residential.


What could happen here?


What are the trade offs that would come with allowing some ground floor residential?


What neighborhood needs could be met by the redevelopment of 40 Bay Spring Avenue?


There are a number of artisans and "makers" in this neighborhood.  Should zoning make it easier for such residents to live and work in the same space?