Allin's Cove Site: A former industrial site at the head of Allin's Cove.


0 Adams Avenue                      CLICK HERE for Assessor's Database Info


5.8 acres


Limited Manufacturing (LM)
Residential 10 (R10)

The owners of the property have been doing extensive brownfield remediation on the site and intend to redevelop it. There are significant environmental constraints, including wetlands and impacts from sea level rise, as well as issues – potential neighborhood impacts, appropriate scale of development, intensity of use, traffic, etc. – that require further study.


What could happen here?:


Most of this site is zoned for industrial use. Are any industrial uses still appropriate at this site? What about small-scale artisans like furniture makers, craft food producers, or businesses that utilize 3-D printing?


What neighborhood needs could be met by the redevelopment of this property?


Can targeted redevelopment of this property be resilient to future floods and sea level rise, while protecting the most environmentally sensitive portions of the site?


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