What's Going On?

The Town of Barrington is exploring options for amending zoning along the Bay Spring Avenue corridor. Our Comprehensive Plan calls for action: “Further study is needed regarding . . . the potential to allow for a mix of small-scale, neighborhood-oriented uses and different types of housing in Bay Spring.The Town would like the corridor’s zoning to better reflect the neighborhood’s vision for the future, including both things that should stay the same and things that may change.

“Bay Spring Avenue . . . has been the focal point of some of the largest development projects in Barrington.”

— Barrington Comprehensive Plan


Why Does it Matter to Me?

This is YOUR neighborhood.  While the Town has an idea of the needs and wants of Bay Spring residents, it needs to hear from you and your neighbors about your specific hopes for the future.

What resources, services, and businesses would you like to see along Bay Spring, and where? How can the Town make it easier to get around the corridor on foot, on bicycle, and in vehicles? How can we improve the natural environment along and around Bay Spring and mitigate flooding? These are just some of the questions the Town would like to explore with you.


Help the Town identify what we should . . .


What aspects of Bay Spring should remain the same?


What aspects of Bay Spring are good, but could be made great?


What could be changed to better serve the neighborhood? 


What Exactly is the Town Doing?

The first phase of this project will gather your thoughts on the entire corridor, but will emphasize what sorts of uses should be allowed in the neighborhood business (NB) zoning district. The second phase will look at the corridor more broadly, and make recommendations for more flexible zoning to achieve the mix of uses desired by the Town and residents while reducing the number of non-conforming uses and lots.  In short, the Town wants to make it easier for the things we all want to see in the corridor actually happen.